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We can change every Solution in a working light!

The world is driven by technology, and its main source is electricity. With our knowhow we are able to change the electricity in to technology.

PCBA -<strong><em>Electronic Assemblings</em></strong>


Industrial <strong><em>Electronics</em></strong>


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SGA Plant Slovenia since 1998


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Multiple quality control assures
flawless performance

The most advanced production line with latest automation technology, which was developed for the strictest requirements of automotive industry, gives us an unparrelled base for production of energy efficient LED lights. We are constantly improving work processes and modernizing the production equipment (3D robotic technology for applying gasket, orthopedical adapted working places, etc.). We have developed our own manufacturing procedures at different stages of the production line in order to optimize time and processes. Consistent use of quality control as defined in acquired standards (IATF 16949, ISO 9001) and constant optimization of control procedures are our key to success. Strict quality control of 3 steps executed by human and robotic check points is implemented at every stage of production. This assures the reliability and performance of final products.

Design and production of electronic parts and assemblies.

Production and sales of electronic assemblies.

Design and production of electronic parts and assemblies.

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SG Automotive d.o.o.

In the beginning there was an idea, accompanied by the determination to succeed. Today we have SG Automotive, which combines them all.

A combination of research and own production makes SG Automotive capable of developing and producing our own products, which we market all over the world. Fast response to customer needs has become our competitive advantage.

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