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Slovenia’s pivotal position in the heart of Europe

Headquarter of company Grah Automotive is located in one of the greenest part of Central Europe, in Slovenia, which lies right in the middle of one of the world’s most exciting business regions. The territory of the Republic of Slovenia is at the crossroads of two very important trans-European networks with direct access to the sea, on the intersection of several of Europe’s historical crossroads and it falls within four European macro regions (the Alpine space, the Adriatic space, the Central European space and South East Europe).

Our Locations in Europe

Slovenia’s strategicgeographical position in the heart of Europe, multiple languages, cultural diversity, excellent infrastructure, well-developed ICT, technological networks, platforms, high level innovation activity and cost-effective support functions ensures our engagement on all important markets.

SG Automotive d.o.o.

SG Automotive d.o.o.

Automotive Production

Industrijska cesta 12
3210 Slovenske Konjice

Technoplast d.o.o.

Plastic & Tooling Production

Blejska Dobrava 124
4273 Blejska Dobrava

SG Automotive d.o.o. Serbia

SG Automotive d.o.o. Serbia

Wire Harnesses + Industrial electronics production

Kneza Milosa Obrenovica 9A
34227 Batocina


Distances from Slovenia to important Airports

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SG Automotive d.o.o.

In the beginning there was an idea, accompanied by the determination to succeed. Today we have SG Automotive, which combines them all.

A combination of research and own production makes SG Automotive capable of developing and producing our own products, which we market all over the world. Fast response to customer needs has become our competitive advantage.

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