Company details

Company name:

SG Automotive d.o.o.

Company address:

Industrijska ulica 12


3210 Slovenske Konjice

Company telephone:

+386 3 757 16 50

Company email:
Registration no. 1253271000
VAT No.: SI69340579
General manager: Mr. Robert Grah

Photo credits:
The license of the pictures was purchased from the respective manufacturers and from I Stock:


Bank Account 1:

Account number – IBAN: SI56 0510 0801 2703 403
Name of the bank: ABANKA d.d.
Bank address: Abanka Vipa d.d., Slovenska 58, 1517 Ljubljana

SG Automotive d.o.o.

In the beginning there was an idea, accompanied by the determination to succeed. Today we have SG Automotive, which combines them all.

A combination of research and own production makes SG Automotive capable of developing and producing our own products, which we market all over the world. Fast response to customer needs has become our competitive advantage.

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