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Our History

The history of the SGA Group began in 1997, when CMP Electronic llc was established for automotive wire harness production. In 1998, GRAH family with a strong vision toward the future, together with Alfred Schefenacker have established a joint venture company under the name Schefenacker Grah Automotive (SG Automotive). Due to a large increase in production the company began with a new production program – offering different electronic components for automotive industry.


Founded as <strong><em>CMP Electronic d.o.o</em></strong>


<strong><em>Joint Venture</em></strong> with Schefenacker GmbH

From Joint Venture resulting new name SG Automotive d.o.o. (Schefenacker Grah Automotive)



<strong><em>Schefenacker Group</em></strong> gets splitten into:

  • Business Unit LIGHTING (Odelo)
  • Business Unit MIRRORS (Visiocorp -> today SMR)
  • SG Automotive is part of BU LIGHTING (Odelo)



<strong><em>Management buyout</em></strong>

SG Automotive is part of GRAH Automotive Group


Our awesome

SG Automotive unique corporate culture is based upon strong will and sense for competitiveness. This is the foundation for our constant innovations and the high quality solutions, which we provide.

That’s what we stand for!

Our <strong><em>Mission</em></strong>

We are an innovative and reliable partner to our customers. We do act in symbiosis with them in order to achieve mutual success on a global marketTrust is our bond. We represent a dependable and safe value to our owner, to our employees and to our partners.

Our Vision

SG Automotive aim to be a global leader in the field of EMS and OEM business, with the ability to offer services to the most demanding customers in the field of Automotive electronics and home appliances.

SG Automotive unique corporate culture is based upon strong will and sense for competitiveness. This is the foundation for our constant innovations and the high quality solutions, which we provide.

Our Values

Our employees are the most important link to our customers, to our partners and within our organization. We are aware that we will fulfil our mission and reach our vision only with strong, able and motivated employees. Therefore we will endeavour, within our economic possibilities, to get the best qualified people in our field of interest.

What we believe!

01 <strong><em>Loyality</em></strong>

It is our employees’ loyality, commitment and ongoing innovative contributions that gives our company its competitive edge.at mattis eros.

02 <strong><em>Culture</em></strong>

We seek to enable our employees to realize their full potential and to create a work environment and corporate culture that reflect the company’s values.

03 <strong><em>Knowledge</em></strong>

We recruit extraordinary people, giving them access to superior knowledge and tools while allowing them the personal freedom they need to achieve their individual goals while supporting the objectives of the company.

04 <strong><em>Inspiration & Motivation</em></strong>

We believe that the working place should be adapted in the way to inspire and motivate our people to achieve excellence, self-fulfillment and therefore help to create value for the benefit of our customers.

High quality solutions for your business!

SGA Group dedication to the automotive industry has been it’s no.1 priority for many years. We are specialists in LED technology and were one of the first on the market with utilizing LED technology in lighting and automotive signalization. The first automobile in serial production equipped with our LED rear lighting was the Cadillac Deville. Since then SG Automotive has been known as quality producer of lighting elements for leading automotive manufactures like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Maybach, VW, Ford, GM, Nissan, Volvo, Toyota, etc.


Mio Revenues



Multiple quality control assures
flawless performance

The most advanced production line with latest automation technology, which was developed for the strictest requirements of automotive industry, gives us an unparrelled base for production of energy efficient LED lights. We are constantly improving work processes and modernizing the production equipment (3D robotic technology for applying gasket, orthopedical adapted working places, etc.). We have developed our own manufacturing procedures at different stages of the production line in order to optimize time and processes. Consistent use of quality control as defined in acquired standards (IATF 16949, ISO 9001) and constant optimization of control procedures are our key to success. Strict quality control of 3 steps executed by human and robotic check points is implemented at every stage of production. This assures the reliability and performance of final products.

Design and production of electronic parts and assemblies.

Production and sales of electronic assemblies.

Design and production of electronic parts and assemblies.

Our responsbility for environment!

At Grah Automotive, we take seriously our commitment to the environment. Conducting environmentally responsible practices is good for everyone – our customers, employees and the communities in which we operate. We continually seek new ways to improve our activities and products in order to preserve our environment for future generations.

As one of our goals is to achieve continuous progress in environmental efficiency. Through continual improvement of the  Plan-Do-Check-Act method, we constantly improve our actions to exceed the demands and expectations of a green society.

Our factory is located in one of the greenest part of Europe, in the town of Slovenske Konjice, which has won several prizes for its natural beauty and clean environment. This makes our commitment to the environment where we work and live even greater. Also our products follow our green philosophy, by having acquired green certificates and containing no harmful substances. The whole process of production is designed so as to minimize its impact on the environment.

Meet our <strong><em>SG Automotive</em></strong> team

Stanko <strong><em>Herman</em></strong>

Stanko <strong><em>Herman</em></strong>

Key account Manager / Sales
Phone: 00386 3 757 16 88

GSM: 00386 51 30 17 20
Mail: Stanko.herman@grahgroup.si

Aleksander <strong><em>Žmaher</em></strong>

Aleksander <strong><em>Žmaher</em></strong>

Key account Manager / Sales
Phone: 00386 3 828 22 93
GSM: 00386 40 859 167
Mail: Aleksander.zmaher@grahgroup.si

Meet our <strong><em>Grah Automotive</em></strong> team

Saša <strong><em>Nedić</em></strong>

Saša <strong><em>Nedić</em></strong>

Sales Director
Phone: 00381 (0) 34 619 53 69
Mail: Sasa.nedic@grahgroup.rs

Radomir <strong><em>Paunovski</em></strong>

Radomir <strong><em>Paunovski</em></strong>

Key account Manager / Sales
Phone: 00381 (0) 34 619 53 68
Mail: Radomir.paunovski@grahgroup.rs

Marko <strong><em>Stevanović</em></strong>

Marko <strong><em>Stevanović</em></strong>

Key account Manager / Sales
Phone: 00381 (0) 34 619 53 68
Mail: Marko.stevanovic@grahgroup.rs

Meet our <strong><em>Technoplast</em></strong> team

Mathias <strong><em>Habersatter</em></strong>

Mathias <strong><em>Habersatter</em></strong>

Plant Manager
Phone: 00386 4 828 09 21
GSM: 00386 30 22 66 25
Mail:  Mathias.Habersatter@technoplast.si

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SG Automotive d.o.o.

In the beginning there was an idea, accompanied by the determination to succeed. Today we have SG Automotive, which combines them all.

A combination of research and own production makes SG Automotive capable of developing and producing our own products, which we market all over the world. Fast response to customer needs has become our competitive advantage.

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